Saturday, September 18, 2010

Let's Make A Deal Costumes

Made the morning of using safety pins, silk flowers, and tacky astro-turfish grass squares.

Chicago Food Tour

Dalaney waged a battle: Chicago deep dish vs. NY's thin crust pizza. In Chicago, the sauce was on the top of the pizza and that freaked me out. In my opinion, NY wins all the way. Chicago's hotdog wins the battle hands down though, complete with a crunchy full-size pickle and cucumber. Yummm

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lost in paradise

We're safe and sound in an all-inclusive resort in Cancun, Mexico. We took the red-eye from LA last night and arrived in Cancun at noon to sunshine and intense humidity, despite the dreary weather outlook. Tonight, I ate the most delicious skewer of grilled shrimp and indulged on bottomless guacamole. More pictures tomorrow! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

5:40pm lounging in lush Chicago park.
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ATTENTION! True story. We witnessed a robbery in the heart of downtown Chicago. While ordering at Fat Johnnie's (yes, that is a trailor in front of someone's home), an African American man grabbed a teenage boy's wallet and ran into the distance. Unfortunately, these pictures were taken after the aforementioned crime and contain no hard evidence of the perp.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Where in the world is Oprah?

Home of "The Winfrey Show"

We love NYC and would love it even more if we lived there, however, we have to confess that we're relieved to finally be GONE. Our stay was extended almost 2 days longer than we'd originally desired due to poor planning on my behalf. Now that we're settled and able to physically recoup in Chicago, our plans are 110% clearer and organized. With trial and error out of the way, we're confident about the remaining cities which OFFICIALLY stand as (in order as they appear): LA, Cancun, DC, SLC, San Juan, & Boston.

Relieved to have independent transportation after arriving in Chicago, we quickly caught the Advantage rental car shuttle. After asking for our confirmation number, the native Chicago employee asked "Would you like economy?"
Thinking nothing about their accents, I was bewildered.
"What is academy?"


"Academy???? Ohhhh...Economy. I get it."

And speaking of language barriers... Today, we attended a Spanish ward in Chicago, and I literally caught 3 words (familia, englasis, and nombre). I texted my mom, "Spanish ward today, I feel for Grandma and Gramps." But only until they learn the language.

Some imagery

Staten Ferry Island
We watched The Fantastiks!

Love this show. It's soooo addictive.

Our luxury transporation during NYC Fashion Night Out, courtesy of Volkswagen.

Highly recommended pizza. Yes, those are meatballs. And yes, we ate the entire thing. In one sitting.
Red carpet (ignore the homelessesque backpacks)!!

We're still alive!!!!

**Picture=inside joke.
I once read an article about an adventerous guy in search of a decent night's sleep at the following:
a. Central Park
b. Brooklyn Bridge
c. Bronx Zoo

If you find this article romanticizing in any way, I can personally attest from first-hand experience that you must be crazy.

Its true: I survived sleeping in Central Park, sans stabbing.

Later that night/morning, on sidewalk, as we dutifully anticipated pending tickets to The Regis & Kelly Show.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

And they're off...

We spent the weekend with my Aunt Beth, Uncle Ronnie, and Rebecca. Delicious food, card game domination, and Scantron bubbles were enjoyed by all. Then, post-Sonic-Happy-Hour, these Hammondites dropped of us at the New Orleans airport where this picture was quickly snapped. Then off to the Big Apple we went!!