Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Bunny

Apparently, my mother forgot to ship my esteemed, annual Easter basket.

You might be wondering...Does marriage nullify one from receiving a goody-filled basket? Dalaney proposed this silly assumption too.

You see, that's the problem I've noticed about this whole marriage thing. People automatically assume that you no longer enjoy the simple things in life -- Easter baskets, week-long birthday celebrations, lavish Christmas presents.

For me -- the answer is a firm NO, marriage does not disqualify the innocent from celebrating holidays ideally. Traditions, people!

Well, at least until the marrieds have their own offspring. After a heated debate and analysis, this is the conclusion that we arrived at.

I'm not making any promises, but at that point in life, I will commit to reevaluating my expectations. Until then, however, I will continue to anticipate Cadbury creme-filled eggs and milk cartons of Whopper malted balls.

Don't fret about the quality of my 2010 Easter, though. Or place unfavorable judgement on Jenny Martin.

Begging for my forgiveness, she generously granted temporary spending privileges with her Wachovia debit card. So, Dalaney and I sped to Walmart Supercenter where we bought $18 worth of Reese's eggs, chocolate know, all of the Easter essentials.

Thanks skinny momma!

(Even Ryan understands...)

Secret rooms

Some people claim that their world's dramatically change when they get married. For me, this is definitely not the case.

But....since the beginning of my marriage, I have identified a few, ahem, new-found

Exhibit A:

A gorgeous laundry/wash room. This definitely beats the dirty laundry mat that I currently visit. Yes, feel sad for me.

Exhibit B:

An outrageous walk-in closet the size of most humans' living rooms. Although I've never exactly possessed any obsessive compulsive tendencies, I couldn't help but color coordinate my clothes here.

Exhibit C:

A chic, organized walk-in pantry.