Monday, January 17, 2011

MY Happiest Place on Earth

Since my grandparents have run away to South America, Dalaney and I are trying to compensate for their lack of presence (physically and monetarily) at our favorite place in the world.....TREASURE HUNT/DIRT CHEAP/HUDSONS Salvage Store.

Similar to various Disney locations, there are many dependent facets to South Mississippi salvage shopping.

Treasure Hunt (formerly known as Hudson's or Hudson's Treasure Hunt) is definitely the Disney World of salvage shopping: vast, breath taking, and always unforgettable.

Then there's Dirt Cheap representing Disney Land: definitely more expensive (it is CA after all), smaller scale, and only fun 68.3% of the time.

Outside of the mainstream salvage stores here, there are now radical places such as Hudson's Outlet or Salvage World which are just like DisneyLand Paris: similar names, language barriers, and places we'd like to visit but probably never will.

All 92.7% relative.